Felt consumer; act of purchase and of development of customer loyalty ( anglais)

Most of the formations of sellers today focus modules on the various techniques of sale and approach customers in point of sale, on the knowledge of the product, the knowledge of the mark and its universe. If certain modules quickly evoke the knowledge of the customer it route, the entered into a relationship a little bit even a lot of intimacy for certain signs, rare are the ones which form on their felt of this buyer to know him and better and better sell him, even increasing the part of the additional products in the sale.

Wrongly, because more we move forward in the process of the knowledge of our or ours customers’ profiles more we report us, because in certain stages to see in all the stages, the customer buys and develops loyalty thanks to his feelings and his 5 senses and not thanks to the reason totally.

In the majority of the cases it is not the reason which determines the purchase but well one felt: love at first sight for the product; need to spend on filling a negative emotion; an atmosphere, a colour, a smell or a material remind us an event of which we are nostalgic or make us happy.

The more we give opportunities to the customers to express themselves freely on their customer experience, the more we collect varied real-life experience and rich in information.

We shall linger more for a long time over this fascinating subject of the sensory marketing and the neuro-marketing in other more elaborate articles and analyses.

Today, we wished to show that beyond this competence of knowledge and analysis of the felt of the consumer, the sensory marketing knows a transfer thanks to the innovation of young start-ups which propose products to improve the customer experience and increase the time of passage in point of sale.

From part our various analyses, we notice, that the customer can be differently got by appealing to his senses, television screens with fashion show dressed in the products of the mark, the internal dynamic or soothing, radio music, the air freshener of atmosphere or in foodstuffs to stress the smell of the sold products (hot bread and croissants, coffee, strawberry pie), these techniques come in the service of the process of sale and development of customer loyalty In your points of sale.

Whether it is for a purchase « pleasure » or a purchase « constraint », the sense of smell is the sense which stays in the first one in memory of an experience whatever it is, the order of the other senses (touch, hearing, taste and view depend on the universe of the mark).

Mickael Coulas, leader of the company ID2SON informs us that  » the human being is capable of distinguishing 10 000 different scents « , we are all capable of associating a smell with a mark.

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