Focus on France ( anglais)

Before to do a focus on a country, a small bend by France.

The size of it market and the potential of its consumers represent a competitive advantage, interesting for the France unlike its European neighbours to attract news franchisors.

More than 2000 French or foreigner signs are present on the territory.

The disparity of its regions, the plurality of consumers’ profiles attracts more and more foreign signs whatever is the concept.

The France, with 19.254 euros, so has a purchasing power per capita 1,4 times upper to the continental average. Thanks to a progress of the 0,9 % purchasing power with regard to 2015, France succeeds in gaining a place and is 12th of the classification 2016. (Source: study GFK in November, 2016)

Except continent, France is seen as the country of the fashion and the big creators, thus the place to be for the franchisors, even except ready-to-wear clothing.

Quoted financing, BPI France assigns a help to the foreign franchisor if he has a French partner and if the company is a SME(SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) independent from a group of more than 2000 people.

This help in the form of refundable advance is granted for a project innovating with a foreign partner.

As for banks, they all have a department dedicated to the franchise which can propose solutions of financing.

Global Born, fund raising, business angels, go to market of the idea in the initial public offering: other financing and devices of support exist to accelerate its business.

Master’s degree Franchises rest the model the most used in particular by the American franchisors.

An overview of the origins of the foreign franchises(frankness) in France and counts them in 2016 ( 25 ), Espagne ( 19), Etats-Unis (15), Belgique (8), Allemagne (3), Pays-bas (3), Portugal (3), Grande-Bretagne (3), Australie (3), Corée (3), Slovenie (2),Canada (2),Emirats Arabes Unis (2), Bulgarie (1), Luxembourg (1), Danemark (1),Pologne (1),Suisse (1), Brésil (1),Hong Kong (1).