The Valentine’s Day traditionally celebrated in the world ( anglais )

If traditionally, in France we offer flowers and chocolates during a romantic dinner, it is appreciably the same in Europe.

it is not necessary to want, no matter the way to readjust your concept or communication in the countries in which your points of sale are implanted. Valentine’s Day is a western party mainly celebrated in the same way and exported as it is.

Shop windows and restaurants adorn themselves with red decorations, symbols of love passion.

In Denmark we offer rather white flowers, symbol of pure love.

In Japan it is the ladies who have the duty to offer chocolates to the men of their circles of acquaintances, even to the colleagues. The latter have to return them the gesture by offering to these ladies a white present March 14th during the white day.

In India and in Iraq, we celebrate love in all its forms, the one of his spouse, his children, his widened family and his friends and acquaintance.

It is on this note that we wish you beautiful Valentine’s Day and beautiful sales in your points of sale.